Betway Quota Boost – new games on offer every week

The betway bookmaker is one of the most important contact points for many bettors who want to place their bets online. Thanks to the good odds, a customer-friendly support, the huge betting offer and numerous other positive features, the betting portal has made it to the top of our betting provider comparison. Of course, the bonus offers also play an important role. Almost every week betway presents new offers, so that there are plenty of opportunities to accept a bonus promotion even apart from the new customer bonus.

Today we would like to draw your attention to the odds boosts, which provide new games with a higher odds almost every week, so that the winnings can be significantly higher. You can find the increased odds on the start page. Mostly the offers are located in the bonus slider, so that betting friends will immediately be aware of them.

We have taken a closer look at this betway bonus and want to show you how you can claim a significantly higher win with the higher odds.

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Place new games every week with the betway Boost

Both the 1st Bundesliga, as well as lower leagues from Germany and other European leagues and competitions will be equipped with a odds boost at betway, so betting friends get a significantly higher odds.

Often different betting options are combined in such a boost, so it is a kind of combination bet in single bet format. If you were to merge the betting options yourself, the odds would not be so high by far, so that you can get significantly more profit from the betway boost if the bet is successful.

To find the odds boosts, simply go to the homepage. Here the different games are already displayed, so you get a good overview of the upcoming Bundesliga matches including the bonus offer.

This is how a bet is placed with a odds boost

If a betting friend decides to make a betway odds boost, he should not merge the betting options in it himself, as the improved odds can only be accepted with the bonus offers. For this very reason it is important that the bet is placed by clicking on the bonus banner.

With only one click on the improved odds it is automatically placed on the betting slip and you only have to determine the stake. When you submit the betting slip, the improved odds are automatically claimed and you only have to hope that all bets are successful in order to claim a significantly higher win.

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