Schalke finds a new sports director

Middle in the Schalker crisis a message last weekend caused a sensation. Sports Director Christian Heidel will not fulfil his contract, which is valid until 2020, and will stop at the end of the current season. It only took a few days before a successor could be presented in Gelsenkirchen. Jochen Schneider will take over the position from Heidel from July 2019.

The sporting situation at S04 is becoming more and more precarious. On the last matchday they lost 0:3 in Mainz. Schalke was lucky to have conceded only three goals, because the team had no chance against strong playing Mainz. After the clear defeat sport director Christian Heidel expressed himself to its future and took the present situation of its club also into its responsibility. “I have overall responsibility for the sports sector. That was okay until summer, but this season it’s not what we had in mind. You have to be honest and say that it wasn’t going in the right direction. I am someone who is consistent and it doesn’t seem to be the case that I have lived up to my responsibilities. The decisive factor, however, were the discussions about my person. I’m always quiet in the club and I can’t take care of that at the moment because I’m the trigger that there’s unrest”.

Decision made a long time ago

Trainer Domenico Tedesco was already informed about Heidel’s decision before the match in Mainz. The outgoing sports director knows already since the winter break that he will not fulfill his contract until summer 2020. The Supervisory Board was also informed before the last defeat. After Heidel’s announcement, there was a rumour that Michael Reschke was up for discussion. Reschke had only been dismissed from VfB Stuttgart a few days ago. Schalke did not take long to present a successor. Not Michael Reschke, but Jochen Schneider will follow Christian Heidel. Schneider resigns his office at RB Leipzig and changes to the royal blue ones. “We have formulated a clear profile for the sports board: an experienced football expert who has a first-class network in national and international professional football and who has successfully pursued modern concepts in recent years. Jochen Schneider meets all these requirements”, says Clemens Tönnies.

Experience at VfB Stuttgart

Before working in Leipzig, Schneider gained experience at VfB Stuttgart. From 1999 to 2015 he held various positions with the Swabians. He steered the fate in the background and played a major role in the Stuttgart championship in 2007. Now he will be in the spotlight for the first time on Schalke. “For me it is on the one hand a great honour and on the other a huge challenge to take over the sports department at FC Schalke 04. Schalke has a very special charisma that reaches far beyond the Ruhr area and Germany. The current situation shows that a lot of work awaits us all. But I’m looking forward to tackling them together at Schalke,” he says, looking forward to his new task. Schneider’s task from summer onwards will be, together with his team, to forget the Schalker crisis of the 2018/19 season and lead the royal blues back to their former strength.