Lottowelt Review

Lotteries have been attracting customers for a very long time. So it’s no wonder that the online offerings are also springing up like mushrooms more and more frequently. One of these providers is the lottery world. The customer does not have to worry here, since the offerer is nationally certified and raised thereby over each doubt. The customer will certainly not encounter fraud or rip-off here. But it is not only the license that creates a positive atmosphere here. Also the offer at Lotterien can be absolutely seen. The following Lottowelt test tunes the customers – or those who want to become customers – in to what they expect and says what they should consider with this offer.

Our experiences at a glance

The Lottowelt experiences are completely in order. The most important point is of course the proper licensing, which makes the provider in any case one of the good of the industry. But that’s not all: The selection of lotteries is top. Customers won’t find all the lotteries from all over the world, but a well-assorted range of high-yield lotteries. Apart from that, there is even a kind of bonus in the lottery world that the customer can look forward to. It applies to the separate game offer called Top Chance. In addition, the service is always a very important point when evaluating an online provider in the gambling sector.

The service of the lottery world is absolutely competitive and must not shy away from comparison with other providers in this segment. Some usual payment methods are just as supported as a mobile play offer – however without the Download of a separate App.

Lottowelt in the check: Fraud or respectable?

It is completely normal that in connection with gambling offers – and Lotto counts to it now once – the question after fraud or the respectability of the offerers places. Unfortunately the gambling industry still gets to feel the runners of long past days, in which from manipulated drawings and Co. one reported. However, customers in the lottery world do not have to struggle with these worries because they play absolutely safe here. There is a state licence. And not only that: the provider is also listed as an official partner of Lotto and also carries the seal of the Trusted Shops. If the lottery world were a dubious provider, customers on platforms such as Trusted Shops would sound the alarm. In this case, the authorities would intervene promptly and possibly withdraw the licenses from the provider again. Even a small detour into the area of payment methods can help to guess the seriousness. Here, for example, Visa and Mastercard are two companies with a world-famous reputation. They would certainly not want to endanger this reputation by placing their services with dubious providers. Basically the customer does not have to worry a lot if he gets involved in a gambling site on the Internet. Because the number of black sheep goes to zero. The lotto world has nothing to do with dubious machinations anyway.


The offer of a lotto offerer extends naturally – the name lets it guess – over some Lotterien. As already mentioned, there is no worldwide offer to marvel at in the lottery world. Nevertheless the existing offers are sometimes lucrative and should satisfy most Lottofreunde.


Playgroups have been highly regarded for many years. There are many reasons for this. Theoretically they increase the chances of winning enormously. Because by the fact that by the larger number at players also more Tippfelder can be played, a larger chance exists of taking thick profits. A betting community nevertheless has a small “disadvantage”:

If the player actually succeeds in getting an attractive prize, he must of course share it with the other participants of the betting community. In the lottery world, the pools are called Top-Chance and Top-Chance Plus. Here one unites with other Tippern and can bet up to ten lucky numbers. In addition, it is also possible to play a field with your own lucky numbers. The Clou: If the Jackpot should be assigned to this field, then the player does not have to share this profit with other players.

Lotto 6 from 49

Who does not know it, the well-known Lottery 6 from 49? Not least thanks to its popularity in Germany, it has become an indispensable part of the lottery portfolio. With these draws it depends on picking out its six favorites from a pool of 49 numbers and to bring on the ticket. In order to hit the jackpot, however, you also need the right super number. The customer’s Super Number is the last digit of the respective ticket. However, the customer has the possibility to change and adjust the ticket number according to his personal preferences. As a customer, you can also add special lotteries. These include Super 6, Game 77 and the spiral of luck. The running times of the tickets can also be specified, as can the drawing days on which the ticket is to be valid. Because the draws from Lotto 6 out of 49 are on Saturdays and Wednesdays. If desired the customer can let run naturally also a ticket for both draws.


The Eurojackpot is a Lotterie, which is particularly desired because of its high profits. Every Friday the lucky numbers are drawn, and the jackpot amounts to at least ten million euro with each drawing. If it is not cracked, it is topped up for the next draw. If one or more players win the jackpot, it will be returned to the minimum amount of ten million Euros in the next draw. Playing is very simple: A total of 50 winning numbers are available, of which the customer must choose five. On top there are two more so-called Euro numbers, of which there are ten in total. If the player is correct in all seven numbers, he wins the jackpot. Also here the player can determine the running time of the notes.


One of the most well-known Lotterien here in Germany is also the luck spiral. If one speaks of the luck spiral, then automatically the desired Sofortrente is a topic. To note is that it concerns with the luck spiral a Lotterie, here however no luck numbers are pulled. It is about a ticket number. If all digits of the ticket number match the numbers drawn in the correct order, the player wins the immediate pension of 7500 euros per month. But even in the lower classes there is a lot of money to be won. The spiral of luck is played out once a week on Saturdays. On request the customer can also book the game 77 or Super 6. The setting of the running time is a matter of course. However, the customer can not only play a single ticket number, but several at once.

Special offer for new customers

While special offers in online casinos are the order of the day, they are far less common in the lottery area. Often one works here with free tickets, with which the customer receives the money back, if the first played ticket does not throw a profit. The lottery world follows a similar principle here. However, this offer only applies to the lottery syndicates. And with these lottery teams you can only play the lottery 6 out of 49. The minimum term for participation in a lotto pool is three months. If the customer cannot make a profit during this period, the stakes will be refunded – for the entire period. The provider expressly points out that this offer applies only to the lottery syndicates and not to the other offers of the lottery world.

Deposit and payout

Not only in the context of the lottery world test does the deposit and payout options play a special role. This topic is very important, but unfortunately it is often treated only a little neglected. It lies among other things at the offer of the payment methods, how many customers one can address.

The Portfolio of the payment options, which are offered in the Lotto world, is completely in order and might offer the correct for each customer. For example you can use the already mentioned credit cards for the deposit. The “big two” of the industry, Visa and Mastercard, are offered here. In order to appeal to an even broader customer base, the lottery world has also included other variants. For example, payment by bank transfer is possible. With this payment option, however, the customer should bear in mind that it can take several days before the amount is finally credited. Who wants to start immediately, can use the Sofortüberweisung. This is carried out in real time. For a successful transaction, the customer needs the data of his online banking and a valid TAN. Nowadays, online purchases are very popular via PayPal. In the lottery world, the customer can also use this method to replenish their gaming account. And last but not least, the direct debit method is also available. However, the account should have enough funds, otherwise a return debit could occur. This would entail additional costs. The payments are completed by bank transfer.

Security and regulation

It was already brought up for discussion that the offerers from the gambling range have to fight with various prejudices. It is therefore logical that particular attention should be paid to safety and regulation. The customers can lean back in this case however calmed down. The provider is state-licensed and an official partner of Lotto. Thus it is beyond any doubt and withstands any test. How important security is to the provider is also made clear by the fact that the FAQ tells the customer how the data is encrypted. This is a not inconsiderable factor, as sensitive data is exchanged with the servers both during registration and when entering payment data. These must not be skimmed off by cyber criminals. If a provider like Lottowelt did not meet these requirements, it would hardly be a serious partner of Lotto. Fraud and rip-off have no chance here.

Support and customer service

The support is an important quality feature, which sometimes says a lot about the provider. The offer can be qualitatively still so responding – if the service lags behind here, then this always diminishes the general impression a little. But the lottery world is also working hard on this point. The customer can, for example, reach the service in different ways. You can easily contact him by e-mail to formulate your request in writing. But not only that. The service also has a telephone number that is free of charge, at least from the fixed network. If you want to use the telephone support, you should keep an eye on the opening hours. These are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. Unfortunately there is no live chat in the offer of Lottowelt. But there is a very well sorted FAQ area. It informs the customers about all kinds of different topics. These are questions about the account, the lottery syndicates or the procedure for paying out winnings. The required answers can be found here.

User friendliness of the website

The website is pleasant for beginners as well as for professionals. The customer reaches problem-free each menu point, which he would like to head for. For example, it is possible to hover over any link to the lotteries with the mouse pointer. Then further options for the respective lotteries – for example game information – are displayed as a link. The provider also knows how to please by a relatively unagitated page, which is not overloaded with excessively shrill banners or other eye-catchers. A good navigation of a page also means that the help menus can be found quickly and easily. The contact options are located at the top of the website, for example. There is also a banner every now and then, in which, for example, the phone number of the service with the corresponding office hours is displayed. A link to the FAQ is located in the lower part of the website, so that this part of the offer can be found quickly.

Mobile App

With mobile gaming it’s such a thing these days. The customer does not want to be dependent naturally always only on its Desktop-PC or on its laptop, if it plays. Above all by the fact that we are in the age of Smartphones and Tablets, a mobile offer in the form of a Lottoapp becomes more and more important a in almost all sections. Lottowelt experience shows that this offer is also possible without a separate app. The provider uses a mobile page where the offer is available. All he needs for this is a smartphone or tablet with the corresponding browser. This enables them to call up the mobile game page very easily, log in and play their tickets. Another advantage that a mobile site enjoys: It also works independently of the operating system used. So it doesn’t matter whether the customer is an Android or iOS user. The mobile page is always displayed correctly and does not need to be updated. Also a downloading of separate Apps is void in this way naturally.

Result: Very good offerer with small, but high-quality selection

Who decides for it in the Lotto world to open an account makes everything correct. The customer plays here for example owing to national Lizenzierung surely and cleanly. But also other factors let the play experience appear positive. The fine selection at Lotterien for instance. There is the Lotto 6 out of 49, the Eurojackpot and the spiral of luck. Beyond that the possibility exists on a occasionally lucrative play community with 6 from 49. For this there is even a bonus offer in form of a money back warranty. Who does not win here over a period of three months, gets the stakes refunded. The payment methods can shine and offer variety. No matter whether credit card, PayPal or direct debit – for each customer the optimal deposit option might be present here. The support also deserves good marks. This can be reached via several channels and also has a very good FAQ area. The website of the provider itself is very easy to navigate and offers no pitfalls. And also the fans of mobile gaming can be happy. Although Lottowelt does not offer an app for download, a mobile site ensures that a corresponding offer is still available for the customer to access.