Tonybet Hattrick Special – 5 Euro free bet with every triple

In every league, one striker dreams of the Golden Shoe. This is awarded to the best goal scorer in the league, making him a legend. Tonybet offers the top 5 leagues from Europe on a permanent basis and even rewards risky players with a 5 Euro free bet.

The 1st Bundesliga, the English Premiere League and France’s Ligue 1, as well as Spain’s LaLiga and Italy’s Serie A are included in this promotion. Whoever places a 20 Euro bet on the best goal scorer in the league will receive a 5 Euro free bet on every hat-trick. In addition, the odds at the beginning of the league are still very good, so that a high profit can be made, provided the forecast is correct and the bet is therefore successful.

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20 Euro bet and get a free bet

The conditions of this Tonybet promotion state that a bet on the best scorer must be placed with a 20 Euro stake. Since this bonus does not operate across leagues, there is even the possibility to get a free bet in each of the five leagues mentioned above.

Which strikers immediately catch our eye?

Of course, it is up to each tipper to decide which player he predicts for the golden shoe. Nevertheless, we would like to add our mustard today and venture a small forecast.

    • Italy’s Serie A – After Cristiano Ronaldo’s move from Real Madrid to Juventus Turin, the choice to look for a suitable scorer is quickly put on ice. Ronaldo has proven time and again in the past that he can be a key player in Spain’s LaLiga, a World Championship or the Champions League – not to exclude that he could also manage this in Italy.
    • Bundesliga – At first glance, one immediately thinks of Bavaria’s Robert Lewandowski. The competition does not have such an offensive like the record champion. In addition, Lewandowski takes penalties, which increases the chance of a hat-trick enormously.
    • Premiere League – Harry Kane, Sergio Agüero or Aubameyang? In England, the number of top-class strikers is like nowhere else. It is particularly difficult to select the best scorer. Due to the strong offensive of Manchester City, our choice falls on Agüero.

liLigue 1 – Mbappe or Neymar? The Parisian star line-up will certainly climb to the top of the table again this year. Mbappe was so convincing at the World Cup in Russia that we chose him.

  • Spain’s LaLiga – It is and remains Lionel Messi who leads FC Barcelona and scores crucial goals time and again. Also this year nobody will be able to hold a candle to the Barcelona offensive and Messi is not only one of the candidates for the Ballon d’Or.

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