Betting offices in Hanau to pay betting tax in future

The federal state of Hesse has been fighting the betting offices in the cities for quite some time. Now in Hanau a local bet tax is to be introduced, which comes into force starting from July 2018. Thus Hanau would be the first municipality in Hessen, which would bring such a law on the way, in order to tax bets. A goal of the hessian city is it to prevent the propagation of Wettb?ros.

Furthermore the negative accompanying phenomena, which develop by the Wettb?ros, are to be contained. And with it not only the play addiction is meant, also criminal machinations has Hanau in the visor. The acting mayor Kaminsky wants to use each opportunity, in order to fight the play halls as well as the play addiction. The city has already stopped renewing nine licenses for gambling halls. Among other things, because they stand in the direct proximity of child and youth facilities. The betting offices are also a thorn in the side of the Hanau magistrate. A statute for the taxation of sport bets therefore already on the way brought. A bill has already been drafted. If the city council should confirm this, all betting offices in the city must pay a so-called betting expense tax. Currently there are 16 registered betting offices. The city can count with it on up to 200,000 euro at additional incomes per year. But in the foreground does not stand the financial aspect, but an order-political steering purpose.

Hanau is to become uninteresting for Wettbetreiber

Both the mayor like the order department and the city councillor assume that this bet tax will provide for the fact that Hanau becomes an uninteresting place for Wettb?ros. Also it lets the settlement as well as the enterprise of already existing Wettb?ros become less attractive. Of course, the municipality knows that this will not prevent the development of gambling addiction. But it wants to do everything it can to at least curb it. The city sees it as its socio-political duty to resolutely oppose gambling addicts. So what exactly does the taxation look like? The statutes stipulate that, as is already the case with online bookmakers, a tax is levied on the gross stake of a bet. However, it should not amount to five percent, but only three percent. All betting offices, which offer, mediate and organize horse and sport bets, must pay this tax, transfer betting events and accept bet coupons.

What problems are there with the nasal spray?

The betting tax is actually only the logical consequence of the increase in the game apparatus tax, which was adjusted upwards from 15 to 19.5 percent last June 2017. The fact that the city has no longer extended the concessions of many amusement arcades also shows where it is going politically in the next few years. Namely one wishes oneself the extermination of gambling halls and betting offices. The mayor takes for it income losses in purchase, which would develop with the departure of the gambling operators. The aim of the city is to increase the quality image in the city centre. Naturally Hanau wants to set thereby also a indication against play addiction, which is pursued surely country widely by other municipalities with interest. In the last year already 9 play halls had to close their gates. Now still six are left. With the Wettb?ros it is still around the 16 pieces. The operators introduced legal steps, but the city Hanau prepared itself well. It can justify its steps transparency and in detail.